Chubbs will lead the 2017 Thomaston 4th of July parade as the grand marshal to represent the parade theme, It’s a “Pet’ -riotic 4th!

Even though it was a tough decision for the Thomaston 4th of July Committee to choose from all the submissions, Chubbs' story won the committee members' hearts.

This letter was submitted by Kathy and Jim Cuthbertson:

“Despite our usual focus on Washington and Jefferson and the other “Founding Fathers,” our country was largely created by men and women of humble origins. They were farmers, fishermen, laborers, homesteaders and servants, and they came to this country because they were looking for a second chance. These “everyday patriots” believed that the circumstances of their birth should not determine their destiny and that hard work and adherence to the ideals of freedom and liberty could build a country of opportunity and hope. They faced adversity with determination and optimism and fought and died for what they believed in.

"Like many of our forbears, Chubbs came from the humblest of backgrounds. He arrived at Pope Memorial Humane Society after he was found abandoned in the Walmart parking lot. Chubbs had obviously not had an easy life. He was grossly overweight and carried two very large tumors on his side. His nails were so long that they curved back into his paws, and it was apparent that he had received very little veterinary care in his previous home.

"Pope Memorial welcomed Chubbs, just as America has always welcomed the homeless and “the tired and the poor” and they were determined to give him a better life. It helped that Chubbs, like any good patriot, was a fighter and he survived a lengthy surgery to remove his tumors, despite a less-than-perfect heart. The shelter staff and dog walkers fell in love with this plucky dog who was so brave and always happy and friendly, despite a tough past. He would waddle around the lobby and greet everyone with his sweet doggy smile and he soon became something of a shelter ambassador as he accompanied shelter staff to various events in the community.

"Chubbs became a special member of our family when, after meeting him on several visits to the shelter, it became apparent that we were meant to be together. We took him home, continued his weight loss program and found that we had adopted a minor celebrity. Wherever we went, people would approach us and ask, “Is that Chubbs?” Those who hadn’t met him yet, especially children, are now some of his biggest fans as he walks around Thomaston, his new hometown. For us, Chubbs truly symbolizes the best of the American ideal. He has overcome adversity and blossomed into a dog of such optimism and good will. Clearly Chubbs, like many American patriots, has embraced his second chance and filled our home with such joy at the same time.”

Parade applications for floats, cars, walkers, bands and more can be downloaded from the webpage: . The 4th of July Committee encourages participants to show their Pet-riotic Pride!