Jenni Lyn Cooper, licensed massage therapist and massage educator, of Bodhi-Time Bodyworks, is now offering MediCupping Therapy treatments at Camden Whole Health at 91 Elm St., Camden.

There is no cost to receive work in June, July and August. Open clinic days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, by appointment.

“Community Cupping is my way of giving to the community. I want to offer MediCupping especially to those who might not be able to afford a series of treatments. I decided to have open clinic days to have the best opportunity to make a difference in their lives through this effective work,” said Cooper in a news release.

MediCupping Therapy, or Massage Cupping, also known as Vacuum Therapy, is particularly effective to help heal scarring from surgical interventions, to remove adhesions and restrictions created with stuck scar tissue, injury recovery, and to increase mobilization. It is particularly effective in opening and directing lymph fluid, drawing blood from the arteries to the capillaries, to carry stagnation and debris back through the veins, thus increasing circulation, facilitating healing.

The MediCupping Vacuum Therapy machine is a compact tabletop device that creates negative pressure suction in two different modes through a small plastic tube connected to glass or plastic cups. The therapist controls the intensity, and with massage technique, uses suction to lift and separate skin and fascia layers. The pumping action of the machine is a gentle yet effective way to lift and stretch the layers of skin and connective tissues under the skin, separating fused tissue layers.

Separating the tissue layers enables fluid absorption and renewed blood to flow into tissue that has been undernourished, dehydrated, specifically in pre and post-surgical interventions. Fused areas that have moved into adhesions are the perfect target for MediCupping. “This lifting the layers is like opening the river dam, letting the sluice ways move fluids easily and smoothly. This creates new fresh energy to promote deep, lasting, healing,” she said.

Different than ancient Chinese medicine use, MediCupping Therapy is an “active cup” approach to lifting tissue. As the cup is gently manipulated on the skin, it creates space and gentle separation in tissue to aid in elimination of debris and release of rigid skin and muscle tissue. This avoids the broken capillary look that most people associate with cupping, as observed in the Olympic athletes.

“MediCupping is a shorter session than a table massage treatment. It is a flowing, moving treatment, a bit different from the old animal horns used for suction in ancient China. The machine suction is controllable and regular, and the treatment pace should relax and calm your nervous system, facilitating mental and spiritual peace, to balance your entire being; the mind, body and spirit. MediCupping is a fantastic adaptation of ancient healing techniques, using modern technology.” Cooper said.

Please contact Jenni Lyn Cooper, at Bodhi-Time Bodyworks to set up your appointment for a free consultation and treatment plan. Call 239-2893, or email, and visit