Author Jonathan White will present on his new book, “Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean,” Thursday, June 22, at 7 p.m. at the Camden Public Library.

After nearly losing his 65-foot wooden schooner in a large Alaskan tide, writer, sailor and surfer White vowed to understand the tide.  He knew the moon had something to do with it, but what exactly? Ten years later, he had read 300 books and crisscrossed the seven seas to see the largest, fastest, scariest and most amazing tides in the world.

In China, he confronted the Silver Dragon, a 25-foot tidal bore that races 80 miles up the Qiantang River; at London’s Royal Society, he dug into the earliest Western tide science, which preoccupied thinkers from Da Vinci to Galileo to Newton; and in the Arctic, he followed an Inuit elder down a small hole through thick winter ice to gather fresh blue mussels in the cavities left by low tide. With photographs, stories and short readings, White takes his audiences on an enthralling journey into the surprising and poetic workings of the tide.

White grew up on the beaches of southern California, so his love for the sea is lifelong. He has built and sailed many boats, logged more than a 100,000 miles on the Pacific and Atlantic and surfed all over the world. He has served on numerous conservation boards and committees; and is founder and former director of the Resource Institute, a nonprofit educational organization based in Seattle, Wash. There he spent 11 years building a seminar program aboard the schooner Crusader in the Pacific Northwest, from Puget Sound to Southeast Alaska. His first book, “Talking on the Water,” grew out of these experiences.

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