The city has again received three offers from people interested in purchasing a massive former limestone quarry.

The offers were received May 23 for the 14-acre parcel known as the Engine Quarry on the west side of Old County Road.

The city has owned the property since 1982, when Maine Drilling & Blasting Inc. failed to pay its property taxes. Maine Drilling had acquired the land in 1981 from the Rockland-Rockport Lime Co. Inc.

The city has solicited proposals for the land on multiple occasions since 2014, but has never followed through on a sale.

This time, the three offers come from Jake Barbour of Jake Barbour Inc., Frederick Dodd of Sherborn, Mass., and Owen Dorr of Rockland.

Barbour states in his offer that he has no plans to develop the quarry property, but would look at its best use when he acquires the city's interest in the land.

He has offered to swap the city's interest in the Engine Quarry for a 0.64-acre parcel he owns adjacent to the city landfill which is assessed by the city at $4,500. He has also offered the city an easement on a long, narrow parcel on Rankin Street for a walking trail that is planned to stretch from the former MacDougal School property to city-owned land on Old County Road.

At a September 2014 City Council meeting, Barbour's mother, Susan Barbour, said she purchased mineral interests in the Engine Quarry property which date back to the former Rockland-Rockport Lime Co. She questioned the city's right to sell the property.

Another bidder for the Engine Quarry is Dodd, who is offering the city $20,000 for the property.

Dodd operates a business known as International Zoological Expeditions Inc. and is reiterating his intention to protect the quarry from "the eminent [sic] degradation that it now faces"

He said he would stop illegal dumping, clean out the quarry, and make it available for those who wish to study a different and unique self-contained ecosystem. Dodd restored a 2-acre quarry on Mountain Road in 2006. He also has bought and preserved 17-acre Oak Island off North Haven.

The other bidder, Dorr, has offered the city $21,000 for the property, which abuts his residential property.

Dorr said he would protect the natural beauty and quiet of the property. He said he expects to install a fence for goats that he already has.