Rockland Heart & Soul received a $500 check May 26 from Lisa Kelley, the new bank manager of TD Bank in Rockland. Kelley indicated she was impressed with the project’s purpose of learning what residents love about their city and understanding ways citizens can find common ground. She also said she hopes the bank’s employees will be able to volunteer in upcoming activities of the project.

Rockland Heart & Soul has trained 30 volunteers to gather and share stories by identifying and contacting a large and diverse sample of residents and people who work in and visit Rockland for one-on-one interviews.

Participants will be asked a range of questions, such as: What do you love about Rockland? Why do you live in Rockland? What are your favorite things to do in Rockland? What are some of your cherished memories about Rockland? These stories will be recorded, catalogued and presented to the community for analysis and discussion. The community will have an opportunity to find common themes and generate a story that reflects it values and can serve as the basis for a plan for Rockland’s future development.