Our pet picks of the week are Snow and the Big Kahuna. Snow is a handsome white-and-black male Akita, nearing 5 years of age. This big boy has quite the personality. A little bit goofy mixed with a tad bit stubborn, but also knows how to chill.

Snow is fine with some dogs. He did live with his brother, who has since been adopted. He loves to play and toss around squeaky toys — his current favorite is a huge octopus. Snow does have a special need. He has a seizure disorder, which is controlled by the medication Phenobarbital, a moderate-priced drug. Once we figured out the correct therapeutic level to administer, Snow has been seizure-free. He will require to stay on this medication to keep him healthy. If you are interested in Snow, the staff would be happy to tell you more about this wannabe constant companion who needs a little extra help.

Looking for a lap cat who likes lots of attention? You should meet the Big Kahuna. Don't let his reserved nature fool you. Once he knows you, he is in your lap, head bumping and flopping over for some love and affection. This big boy wants all the love for himself. He doesn't want to share his home with a dog and can be really bossy with other cats. He figures his love is all you will need. So, if you're looking for that one special cat to be your pride and joy, look no further. The Big Kahuna is ready to be that cat.

Thank you to all who came out for our annual Clean Up and Cookout last Saturday. What a wonderful crew we had on a gorgeous Maine day. Our new shed was painted, gardens got weeded, buildings were scrubbed, dog walking trails were lined with wood chips, debris was hauled off and the list goes on. It's amazing how much work can be done by an enthusiastic and hard-working community. A cookout followed to reward all for their hard work. A big shout-out to Paul and Diane Marion for raising the bar with our cookout by smoking a medley of delicious foods for all to enjoy.

Wish list: copy paper, laundry detergent, wet dog and cat food, garbage bags, lint rollers, ziplock bags (quart and gallon). Gift certificates to Wal-Mart, Staples, Amazon and other local businesses are also a great help. Thanks for your support.