Abi Morrison will present a talk titled, "Can Eastern Healing be Magic?" at the Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St., Tuesday, June 6, at 6:30 p.m. The talk is part of a monthly series cosponsored by Destination Wellness and the library.

Here in the West, doctors evaluate disease and offer treatments. Chinese medicine is holistic and may create shifts that restore balance of overall body functions. It is said that humans are a small universe interacting with the "big" universe. With the use of herbs, diet, self-practiced Chi Kung exercises and other techniques, acupuncture may address underlying issues related to complex and chronic challenges. Find out how to put the “magical” effects of Chinese medicine to work in daily life.

Morrison practices at the Center for Health and Healing in downtown Rockland in conjunction with a number of other holistic providers. Her training included Worsely Five Element style, the forte of which is treating mental/emotional imbalances. She integrated Eight Principles (or “T.C.M.”) into her practice while at a college in the U.K.

She then went on to learn Japanese techniques and has studied an ancient Taoist style related to the I Ching since 2002. She enjoys a general practice treating all ages using needles, cold laser, moxa and mineralized infrared heat.