As per normal for this time of year, kitten season at P.A.W.S. is in full bloom. And (also per normal) these wee ones are almost unbearably cute. But suppose you’re looking for more of a known quantity — a more mature kitty who’s been around long enough to have revealed his or her purr-sonality, so you know what you’re adopting. Well, we’ve got that stretch of the cat kingdom covered, too.

Elektra is one of our “grownups." Or maybe we should say almost grownup, because while she’s technically no longer a kitten, she’s only 7 months old and still has plenty of vim and vigor. After Elektra's previous owner passed away, there was no one to take care of her. So the beautiful, black torti did what any sensible kitty would do: she walked over to a neighbor's house in hopes of finding something to eat. The neighbor brought her to us, and during her time with us, we’ve found her to be a sweet, happy girl who adores people and even likes (or at least cheerfully tolerates) other cats. In other words: the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affectionate companion whose temperament is fully formed.

Of course, we’re not solely about kittens and cats these days. We’re also overflowing with dogs — different breeds, different shapes, different sizes, and each one panting for a family of his or her own. Somewhere in the middle of the range is Mimi. At 30 pounds, she's neither too big nor too small, and with her quiet, calm personality, she’d be just right, whether you live in an apartment or a house.

In short, there’s never been a better time to visit your community shelter and get to know the many dogs, cats, and kittens awaiting loving, fur-ever homes. With all the new arrivals, we need volunteers more than ever. And cat-care supplies — especially kitty litter, kitten chow, Friskies canned food, and Purina Naturals dry cat food — are at the top of our wish list. Perhaps you’d consider picking up one or more of these items the next time you’re out shopping and bringing it to us at 123 John St. in Camden? We’d be most grateful for any/all donations.

And do call us at 236-8702 or check our website,, to learn more about P.A.W.S. and the animals in our care.