Maine’s 58 newest police officers have graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. The officers spent 18 weeks in study and training and most will begin patrolling immediately, in time for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

Falmouth Police Chief Ed Tolan was the guest speaker, and reminded the graduates that they will be in the public eye until they retire. “You will be challenged, videotaped, criticized , and second guessed, but you are ready to serve your community. This is the greatest profession and people will lean on you for guidance, leadership and empathy, ” Tolan said .

The new officers studied many topics, including crime scene processing, emergency vehicle operation, first aid, traffic and criminal law, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Among the graduates were 10 State Police Trooper recruits, and Maine Marine Wardens, who will continue training with their departments before patrolling on their own.

The following officers with local law enforcement agencies were among the graduates: Alicia M. Gordon and and Daniel J. Landers, Knox County Sheriff; Jonathan M. Colby, Lincoln County Sheriff; Addison I. Cox and Aaron M. Schmitz of Rockland Police Department.