CRAFT Gallery, 12 Elm St., opens the 2017 season May 26 with a new collection of layered paper collages by Abbie Read and wood-fired pottery by Jody Johnstone.

Both are local artists who live within a few miles of Rockland. Johnstone’s wood-fired pottery bears the marks of heat, fire and ash that swirl around in the Anagama kiln to create patterns on the mostly unglazed clay, with the artist only in full control of the forms. CRAFT has selected a collection of oval “pillow” vases, tall faceted vases, lidded containers and plates. These forms are distinctive and reflect Johnstone’s apprenticeship in Japan, where she studied with a master potter and learned how to build her own Anagama kiln.Abbie Read’s latest collages are her further investigations into geometric compositions. The layers of paper and paint create a history of her process combined with the history of materials collected by the artist, and printmaking. She explores color, texture, shape and design  to give her work meaning.

CRAFT  has also put together a new collection of work by jewelers Christine Peters and  Nisa Smiley, textile artists Clara Graves, Amy Smith and Fiona Washburn, potters Tim Christensen, George Pearlman, Diana Thomas,  and artists Lissa Hunter and Jan Owen.

Owen, a master calligrapher, is inspired by medieval and Asian arts, calligraphy, music and literature. The gallery shows her newest panels and scroll ”Vestments”, a collection of prayer-like poems hand lettered with pen and sumi ink on overlapping translucent layers of hollytex, the blocks of words forming a design, a work art as well as  inspiration.