On Sunday, April 9, Everyman Repertory Theatre will present an after-show talk by Scott Erb, University of Maine at Farmington’s Professor of Political Sciences, following the 2 p.m. matinee performance of its production of “Talley’s Folly” by Lanford Wilson at the Rockport Opera House, 6 Central St.

The play is about Matt Friedman and Sally Talley. Matt is a German Jewish refugee who fled Europe for the United States just before the first World War, after his sister had been tortured to death and his father and mother detained and probably executed, explained Paul Hodgson, Everyman’s artistic director.

Facing prejudice at home, the family had been struggling to settle anywhere in Europe, meeting bigotry and intolerance everywhere. Once Matt arrives in the U.S., it is only to face more prejudice. One of the few to accept Matt for who he is, is Sally, a young, progressive Missouri woman.

“I think it is pretty clear why we chose to do this particular play right now,” said Hodgson.

Erb, University of Maine at Farmington’s Professor of Political Sciences, will address the geo-political-social issues brought up in the play and apply them to the present day situation.

Erb specializes in international relations, foreign policy and the European Union. His research focus is on Germany and the European Union; and he has published a book, 2003’s “German Foreign Policy: Navigating a New Era.” His current research project involves investigating how the EU can be a model for politics in the era of globalization.

“Talley’s Folly” will run three weekends; for more information, see the story linked below.