In this column, The Computer Guys respond to questions from readers about their computers and technology.

Dear Computer Guys,

Q: How important is a surge protector? We had several power outages this week due to the blizzard, I would like to know the importance of connecting my computer to a surge protector and if there is something you could recommend.

Don Smith, South Thomaston


Don Smith, that’s a great question!

A: Many people think of a power strip as a surge protector; it gives them additional outlets, but what does it really do to protect all their high-end electronics?!

Well, the answer is not all power strips are surge protectors. In fact, unless the item states it directly, most people have power strips that offer zero protection! A surge protector protects against voltage spikes; one good blast of back surge over cable or power lines and poof, your electronics are fried! Thankfully, if a great surge protector is connected, you’ll be safe. Surge protectors offer protection in amounts called joules, so the rule is “the higher, the better” on joule count.


Dear Computer Guys,

Q: When building a gaming computer is there any advice as to what to start with?

William Eustis, Warren


William, oh that’s a good question!

A: The rule in building computers is to start with the power supply. Here's why! Power dictates operation, a weak power supply will be under-suited for high-end components. The computer will be starving for power. A great gold-level power supply will keep everything running smoothly! There is much debate on a starting wattage. We love starting at 850w; it allows for future expansion. That's the best part of a PC, you can replace and upgrade everything. Get a power supply that allows for that expansion! Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

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