A new restaurant will be moving into the former Denny's location.

Allen Mitchell of McCormick & Associates Builders said Jan. 13 that renovation on the building will result in the opening of a new restaurant.

Mitchell said the planned business will be a family-style restaurant, offering casual fare including burgers and lobster.

The restaurant will be a stand-alone dining establishment and not a chain. The name of the new restaurant is not being disclosed at this time, but Mitchell said it is expected to open in mid-late April.

The Commercial Street (Route 1) location had previously gone through two separate permutations as Denny's: the first Denny's closed its doors to business in 2005. Another Denny's reopened at the location in June 2011, and then announced that would be closing for good on Christmas Eve of 2016.

The interim between the original and second iteration of Denny's saw other restaurants occupying the building. These included a sports bar as well as the Chef's Table, which went out of business in 2007.

Denny's had 21 employees when it closed in December. The property and business are owned by Joe Cloutier of the Camden-Rockport area. A message left at Cloutier's office has not yet been returned.