Although we always have wonderful dogs available for adoption, this week we'd like to focus on cats, as we have so many of them. Almost all of our kitty "condos" are full, and our communal cat rooms are about to burst at the seams.

Spanky is one of the new boys at P.A.W.S. This handsome ginger cat is what you might call a senior, but he'd be offended if you called him that. And who could blame him? Nothing about Spanky reveals that he's of a certain age, except, perhaps, that he's missing a few teeth. He was adopted from P.A.W.S. some time ago (we won't "date" him by saying how long ago), but was returned due to a change in his owner's personal circumstances. After a quick trip to the vet for a little dental work, he is now ready for adoption again. From the minute he came through our door, Spanky has been as happy as can be, rolling on the floor, playing with toys, eating well, and napping like a prince — and we expect that he'll settle in with whoever adopts him just as smoothly. So if you're in the market for a kitty, do come meet him. He'll prove to you that age really is just a number.

Sweet Lady Paw Paw is another special kitty looking to find a home. She was found as a stray, hanging around a farm where she had a few kittens. The owners of the farm found homes for the babies but brought Lady Paw Paw — who was already pregnant again — to us. The first thing you'll notice when you meet her is her wobbly head. We don't know why it wobbles. She may have been born that way, or she may have been hit by a car. What we do know is that she's a major cutie that loves people and richly deserves a real home. Don't miss this opportunity to have your very own wobble-head!

Meanwhile, with so many cats (and kittens!) to care for, we continue to ask for donations of canned cat food. It's so important for felines to have at least a little moist food everyday. For some it's a treat they look forward to; for others, it's a medical necessity. All brands of canned food are welcome, and you can drop off your donation at any time, day or night, just inside our entrance at 123 John Street in Camden.

Do you have a question about one of our adoptable pets? Please call us at 236-8702 or check out our website,, where you'll find information about all of the pets currently in our care. We thank you, as always, for your support.