New Ventures Maine's November Career Forum features a talk and discussion on "Life and Labor in Midcoast Maine: The Human Balance," Monday, Nov. 28, at 4:30 p.m. at 3 Dogs Cafe, 309 Commercial St.

"​This sounds more complicated than it is, but many of us understand there needs to be a balance between our work and the rest of our lives,​" David Grima said of his talk.​

The purpose of this short talk is not to provide one person’s answer to this big question, but to find out how each person faces this situation. Some of the questions it will look at are:

— Do we need to do work that meets our deepest personal needs?

— Is it possible to do a routine job and still have a meaningful life outside work?

— How do we find work opportunities?

— Where do we go to find a deeper meaning in life?

— Is it wise to turn our deepest calling into paid employment?

Grima will try to turn the conversation at the table into an opportunity to share ideas and maybe even some answers to these questions. The idea is that participants will end their time together with the understanding that they are not crazy and they are not alone in facing these issues.

Grima lives in Rockland and had a 20-year career in local newspapers, working both at The Courier-Gazette in Rockland and at The Camden Herald. He spent four years as the Herald’s editor until 2008, and now works in Rockland for the executive branch of the state of Maine government, and is a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Rockland.