Voters in Camden, Rockport, Hope and Lincolnville voted in favor of entering into a short-term contract with ecomaine for the towns' trash disposal.

Residents in Camden, Rockport, Hope and Lincolnville voted yes on the question of authorizing the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation to enter into a contract for up to five years with ecomaine.

The contract with ecomaine will begin in 2018, when MCSW's current waste disposal contract with the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company in Orrington ends.

The four towns jointly operate the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation, and use its facility in Rockport to drop off yellow, bagged trash, recyclables, reusable items at the Swap Shop, and dump debris that is landfilled.

The three-to-five year contract with ecomaine for transporting and disposing of the yellow bagged trash is priced at $57.85 per ton, with annual increases capped at 7 percent. Over the past 20 years, increases have averaged less than 3 percent, according to ecomaine representative Lissa Bittermann. MCSW's transfer station will continue to offer recycling and the Swap Shop.

For decades MCSW has been a member of the Municipal Review Committee, a coalition of Maine towns that sent solid waste to PERC. When MCSW contracts with ecomaine, its membership with the MRC will end. The MRC is partnering with Maryland-based Fiberight, which is building a solid waste processing plant in Hampden. The break with the MRC will return approximately $1.2 million in equity to MCSW.