The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Norman Pfaller Jr. and Jacqueline Ames Pfaller to Jasimine N. Taylor.


Evelyn E. Martin Est. to Jonathan S. Biddle and Jacqueline T. Biddle.

Susan J. Morse to Terrence P. Frake and Laurie A. Frake.

William A. Holm, William P. Holm, Geraldine M. Holm and Geraldine M. Davis to Virginia G. Tuttle.

Virginia Stopper to Elizabeth A. Dean.

Martha Heal to Walter A. Gray.


Albert F. Anderson Est. to John P. Anderson Tr. and Joan E. Anderson Supplemental Needs Trust.

Tyler Rodin to Daniel H. Staples and Cynthia F. Staples.

Joan T. Thibault to Brent D. Willey.


Lenore Londono to Charles Messmer and Frances Messmer.


Edward M. Collins and Charles P. Heald.

Owls Head

Ann J. Walker Tr., Frederick J. Walker Tr., AnnE. Jillson Walker Trust and Frederick J. Walker Trust to  Elisabeth H. Walker Frederick and Andrew William Frederick.

Daren Richardson and Sharon Richardson to Clayton Leroy Fowlie III and Rachel Miller Fowlie.

Margaret S. Hampson to Douglas W. Curtis Jr. and Ferolyn J. Curtis.

Harold N. Trenka to Christine A. McCarthy and Catherine Ann Viera.

North Shore Drive LLC to Philip E. Folger Jr. Tr. and Philip E. Folger Revocable Trust.


Aldric Franklin Cox Est. to Barbara Sue Cowart.

Sandra L. Hastings to Jennifer L. Ross Boshes and Orion B. Boshes.

Gary A. Darby and Sharon S. Darby to Andrew R. O'Brien and Chunhua Chang.


Rene L. Mathews to Edward J. O'Keefe and Shirley P. O'Keefe.

Ronald E. Wallace Tr., Lee Ann Currier Tr. and Ann B. Wallace and Ronald E. Wallace Revocable Trust to Katie Cailler.

South Thomaston

Rufus E. Teele and Kathleen C. Teele to Richard L. Rackliff.

Robert Zimmermann and Sandra S. Zimmermann to Robert Zimmerman Tr., Sandra S. Zimmermann Tr. and Zimmermann Family Trust.

Debra T. Shepard to Bret P. Shepard.

St. George

Vernon L. Thompson and Harriet A. Thompson to Dianas Landing LLC.

Lawrence A. Brooks, Kay F. Brooks, Michael Brooks Jr. and Raynold Brooks to andrew Benner Tr., Catherine Benner Tr., Andrew D. Benner Revocable Trust and Catherine R. Benner Revocable Trust.

Richard H. Dearborn, Donna H. Dearborn and Donna J. Knowlton to Rockland Savings Bank FSB.


Ashley Genthner Jr. Est. to Nancy Lee Miles Armstrong.

Rising Properties LLC to ALC Investment Trust and Ann L. Craven Tr.

W W Wood Properties LLC to Mark A. Higgins and Heather J. Higgins.


Darlene F. Darling to Ryan D. Lanphere and Erica J. Lanphere.

Virginia G. Tuttle Tr. and Virginia G. Tuttle Living Trust to Willis D. Stinson Tr., Ashley M. Stinson Tr. and Stinson Realty Trust.


James Henry Dwyer to Cody J. Lyon.

Stephen P. Rosen and Alice S. Bissell to Samuel F. Rosen.

Stephen P. Rosen and Alice S. Bissell to Emma A. Rosen.

John Gerhardt Torborg Est. to Ruth H. Sayward.

Stephen B. Ives Jr. and L. Jean Emery to Barbara J. Payne and Andrew J. chernack.


Norman W. Ahlholm Est. to Maxine Ahlholm.

George Goldstein and Katherine Goldstein to Jeffrey M. Hawes and Katherine D. Hawes.

Harry J. Leighton and Lody L. Leighton to Maine Natural Health Co. and Stronger Faster Healthier.

Esther F. Dawson Est to Kendra Dawson.

Aleta D. Green to Crystal J. McNally and Timothy J. Billings.


W. R. Rhea Associates Inc. to David B. Bixby.