The new 24-page Ratewatcher Guide, a publication of the Office of the Public Advocate that helps customers make informed choices about their telephone and broadband options, is now available online and in print.

This is the 26th edition of the Ratewatcher, which was first published in September 1997. The latest edition includes detailed charts with information for more than 49 phone and broadband providers, plan comparisons, and guidance for how to determine the best phone and broadband service for a customer’s current needs.

The Ratewatcher also includes informative articles on related topics, such as how to prepare for a power outage depending on the type of phone you use. Headlining this edition are recent state policy developments affecting the deregulation of basic local telephone service.

More than 21,500 Maine homes and businesses subscribe to the Ratewatcher, which is also available in community resource centers and all libraries across the state. The material is available as an online resource on the OPA’s website and available for download as well at:

To receive a free copy of the Ratewatcher by mail or email, contact the Office of the Public Advocate by phone at 624-3687 or via email at