The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct 24-28 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Kerry Kerrigan to Shawn Kerrigan.

Maine State Housing Authority to Matthew L. Lawson and Erin Flanagan.


Nancy G. Syme to Meikle Hall and William Hamilton Hall.

Donald A. Cyzewski Tr. and Donald A Cyzewski Revocable Living Trust to Daniel A. Hayes.

Thomas A. Payne Tr. and Fernlea Realty Trust to Thomas Mayberry Tr, Deborah Mayberry Tr. and Thomas Mayberry Revocable Trust.

Gray T. Payne to Thomas O. Mayberry and Deborah B. Mayberry and Thomas Mayberry Revocable Trust.

Gray T. Payne to Thomas O. Mayberry and Deborah B. Mayberry.

State of Maine DOT and State of Maine to Tobias W. Wincklhofer and Isabella J. Wincklhofer.

Raymond L. Collins and Marie Collins to Robert F. Bock Jr. and Connie B. Bock.


John F. Tripp Est to Susan J. Tripp.

Susan J. Tripp to James Tripp.


Brian Ralph to Amy Holmes.


Alison E. Butler and Alison E. Wayne to Wesley W. Butler.

Alison Butler to Wesley Butler.

Owls Head

John S. Dow to Lawrence H. Power and George I. Power.

Lawrence H. Power and George I. Power to John S. Dow.

Eugene J. Scalzo Tr. and Eugene J. Scalzo Living Trust to Eugene J. Scalzo Living Trust and Eugene J. Scalzo Tr.


Camden National Bank and Tracy W. Camber to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Michael J. Connaughton and Sue and Connaughton to William G. Rapp and Deborah L. Rapp.

Michael W. Cherry and Hilary D. L. Flagg to Edward L. Koenig and Jo Anne E. Koenig.

Nicholas A. Adolphsen and Samuel G. Adolphsen to David W. Johnson and Carrie E. Johnson.


Anita J. Higgins and Douglass P. Higgins to Margaret R. Jameson and Lea Anne Sutton.

Ester B. Peterson and John W. Peterson to Raymond J. Roberge and Marianne S. Roberge.

Katherine S. Viano and Peter D. Viano to Bruce K. Oldfield.

Mary A. Bonanno and Marie J. O'Connor to Marie J. O'Connor, Christopher T. O'Connor and Hannah M. O'Connor.

21 – Samoset Resort Time share Estates Association of Unit Owners to Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Elliott B. Mitchell and Sandra E. Mitchell and Sandra E. Mitchell.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Maura C. Kelly.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Maura C. Kelly.

St. George

Alice E. Estes Est. to Long Property Management LLC.

Renee Herman and Jessica Rachlin to Joline Godfrey.

Wills Family Realty Trust and Arthur A. Wills III Tr. to Carolyn Wills Barberi and Jonathan B. Wills.

Talya Baharal Gnida and Louis E. Gnida to Jane C. Bianco.

Steven Selden Seekins Est. to Naomi K. Howe.

Whitney Hupper Tr. and Sierra Hupper Tr. to Whitney Hupper.

Whitney Hupper Tr. and Sierra Hupper Tr. to Sierra Hupper.

Timothy J. Dowling and Jean M. Dowling to Karina F. Meiri and James Edward Schwob.


Mark E. Philbrook to Mark E. Philbrook and Nathan Goldberg.

David J. Hanc, Donna Gray Hanc and Donna M. Gray to Albert L. Barlow Jr. and Kari P. Barlow.

Walter K. Butler Jr. Est. to Jenny B. Fish and Keith P. Fish.


Wayne A. Young to Peggy Lynn Young and Wayne Arnold Young.


John B. Haskell to Walter F. Haskell

John Haskell to Wesley T. Chilles.

Wyman L. Philbrook Est. to Matthew P. Malone Tr., Paul T. Malone Family Irrevocable Trust and Nancy C. Malone Family Irrevocable Trust.

Jack Russell Carlsen Jr. and Richard A. Carlsen to jack Russell Carlsen Jr. and Angela K. Carlsen.


Warren Sanitary district to Kimberly J. Williams and Sheldon L. Main.

Alicia Wellington to Richard Wellington.

Judith A. Chapman to Darleen L. Hanley.

Michael N. Vilchinsky and Keri An Vilchinsky to Michael J. Wilson.


David Littlefield and Elene F. Desillier to Jean A. Kerr Lewis.