On Oct. 30, the Rockport and Rockland Fire Departments participated in joint training exercises on vehicle extrication.

The training took place at the Rockland Transfer Station, using three cars donated by Camden Exxon.

The cars had been placed in a variety of positions: one upright on four wheels, one on its side, and one on its roof. Seventeen members of Rockport Fire Department and 16 from Rockland attended the training, which was led by Robert French, Rodney Gibbs and Patrick Lowe, according to Rockport Fire Chief Jason Peasley.

Firefighters learned new techniques involving airbags, and practiced lifting a vehicle to remove a trapped victim. Participants split into teams and worked with a variety of tools to respond to possible crash scenarios, and removed glass, doors and roofs from the cars.

Peasley reported that 75 percent of Rockland Fire Department members are career firefighters, and their experience provides valuable advice for many Rockport volunteers.

"It's great for our department to continue joint training as we are working together more and more frequently and responding to actual calls," Peasley said.

A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) bailout and obstacle course have been scheduled for December and the department will conduct joint ice rescue exercises as soon as the weather allows, he said.