Longtime Mainer Tobey Williamson has returned to the state, bringing a unique style of Japanese acupuncture, as well as Chinese herbal formulas and practical healing techniques to the Midcoast. After four years of intense study and apprenticeship on Hawaii’s Big Island, Williamson has opened his own clinic, Good Hearth: Eastern Medical Arts, at Sharp’s Point South, 75 Mechanic St.

In Hawaii, Williamson completed an apprenticeship under Japanese master acupuncturist Dr. Chieko Maekawa, L.Ac., Ph.D., focusing primarily on Seitai Shinpo Japanese structural acupuncture,.

“Seitai Shinpo acupuncture is rooted in ancient classical texts and informed by modern biomedicine. It is effective at naturally resolving pain and contemporary illnesses that can often mystify western doctors,” Williamson said in an Oct. 25 news release.

At Good Hearth: Eastern Medical Arts, Williamson helps patients to reduce or eliminate back, neck, and joint pain and sciatica, and to release areas of muscular constriction. Understanding that Oriental medical theory recognizes no distinction between mind, body and spirit makes it easier to imagine how improving spinal structure and flexibility to minimize pain leads to whole health.

“Functionally, pain and restriction are signs of reduced blood flow and blood quality,” Williamson said. “Eastern medicine’s emphasis on nourishing and moving blood translates directly to overall health and wellness. It makes sense given that our blood is responsible for feeding, repairing and connecting all of our internal organs and tissues. This means that nearly any medical issue can be resolved through acupuncture and herbal medicine.”

Before leaving Kailua Kona, Hawaii, he worked as a licensed acupuncturist at the Kona Clinic of Seitai Shinpo Acupuncture. According to one of his Hawaiian patients, "I had never had acupuncture before. After my first treatment, I thought, 'There's something to this, I think I'll come back.' After my second treatment, I thought, 'This guy is really headed in the right direction here.' After my third treatment, I thought, 'Wow, Tobey hit it out of the park!'”

Learn more about Williamson’s work and inquire about an appointment at goodhearth-acupuncture.com.