Regular readers will know that in recent months P.A.W.S. has begun caring for pets from overcrowded and "kill" shelters in other states, and we're happy and proud that we're able to help. But that doesn't mean, of course, that we've closed our doors to homeless animals right here in Midcoast Maine. Far from it!

Waldo is among the "locals" on our list. This handsome 4-year-old pug mix has lots of energy and would love to find a family that will give him time and space to run and play. In his last home, Waldo was alone most of the day, and when his family came home, he was desperate for attention. But he actually doesn't mind being home alone for short stretches and behaves well when he's on his own. Just don't leave him with a cat to keep him company. it's not that he doesn't like cats. On the contrary, he seems to like them a bit too much and has a tendency to chase them to the point of exhaustion (on the part of the pursue-ee, not the the pursuer). Waldo feels like he's wasting his energy, sitting in his kennel at P.A.W.S. Won't you come over and take him for a walk — or even better, take him home?

Although also a Mainer, kitty Janelle is in most other respects Waldo's opposite. She's only 2 years old, but she's a couch potato, preferring to sleep the day away in a comfy spot. You might not see her much, but don't think she doesn't like you. She's actually very sweet, and once she feels comfortable around you, she'll sidle up and rub affectionately against your legs. The shelter environment, with all its comings and goings and numerous other cats to contend with, is a bit much for this pretty girl. She longs for a quiet home where people will give her the chance to come out of her shell. Previously, she shared digs with another calm kitty (Java is also still with us, waiting for a home), so she would be fine having a feline companion in her new home.

Remember that there are many ways, besides adoption, that you can help us help animals. One we haven't mentioned lately has to do with collecting your returnable bottles and cans and donating the deposit money to us through the local Clynk program. Simply pick up one or more plastic Clynk bags at the shelter, fill it with your returnables, and drop it off at your local Hannaford store. Or you can box or bag returnable bottles and cans and drop them off in the lobby at P.A.W.S., 123 John St., Camden. We'll donate them to the Angel Fund, which distributes funds to P.A.W.S. and other caring organizations.

Alternatively, we still need volunteers to help us clean the shelter each morning. And of course, donations are always a huge help. Please visit our website,, to find our what items we currently need most. This week, our wish list includes canned food for both cats and dogs, laundry detergent, bleach, and kitty litter. You can bring us your donations during business hours, or leave them in our lobby anytime, day or night. It's always unlocked.