The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 17-21 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Diane M. Purkey and Robert J. Purkey Jr. to Christopher D. Pomatto and Mary R. Pomatto.


Bettina E. Doulton to William J. McAlpin and Carole Ann McAlpin.

Camille C. Canova and Joseph J. Manavola to Camille C. Canova Tr., Manavola Canova Trust and Joseph Manavola Tr.

Anne C. Edmonds to Susan O. Peel and Bruce H. Peel.


Tessie Montgomery to Georges River Land Trust.

Bruce Charles Pratt Tr., Ella K. Pratt Trust and Patricia Lee Taylor Tr. to Robert A. Stone Revocable Trust, elaine P. Stone Tr., Elaine P. Stone Revocable Trust and Robert A. Stone Tr.


Lee V. Nesler to Heidi J. Mace and Mark Kenneth Mace.


Dwight Johnson to Dorothy B. Dickman Est.

Dorothy B. Dickman Est. to Dwight Johnson.

Kristal D. Wotton Bouwens, April Anne Wotton and Tracy M. Littlefield to Dorothy B. Dickman Est.

Dorothy B. Dickman Est. to Kristal D. Wotton Bouwens, Tracy M. Littlefield and April Anne Wotton.

Dorothy B. Dickman Est to Blaine Richardson and Laura E. Richardson.

Andrew A. M. Stewart and Shannon M. Green Stewart to Sawyer Stone.

Owls Head

Nanette J. Bulger, Timothy J. Bulger and Lynn A. Brody to Windjammer Properties LLC.


Gary D. Sousa to Gary D. Sousa and Laura Borchert.

John P. Ambrose Jr. and Marcia L. Ambrose to Randall P. Cutri and Victoria W. Cutri.

Mark L. Rader and Nina Rader to Myles O'Connor.

Michael A. Pardoe and Linda Keil Wakely.

Christy C. Adams to Linda A. Fyfe Adams.

Albert L. Vanorse to Mary Ellen Decato Stephen Decato.


Edward G. Kolmosky Tr., Tammy L. Kolmosky Tr., Edward G. Kolmosky Living Trust, Tammy L. Kolmosky Living Trust and Kolmosky 3 LLC to John L. Ruggeri Jr.

Neil I. Johnson and Mary A. Johnson to Daniel W. Elias and Patricia C. Elias.

Edward Podlovits to Stephen J. Dean and Ann T. Dean.

Patricia A. tiberio and William J. Scatolini to Kathleen M. Marshall and Robert T. Marshall.


Anthony S. Mazzeo to Shawn R. Wallace and Salina Marie Wallace.

James M. Carney and Ruth M. Carney to Michael J. Woodward and Dominique K. Woodward.


Harold R. McComb to Joan Porter Tr. and Harold McComb Irrevocable Trust.


Allen H. Skogsberg and Deborah W. Skogsberg to Allen H. Skogsberg Tr., Deborah W. Skogsberg Tr. and Skogsberg Living Trust.

Roseann Bickford to Carl B. Gross.

Peter Winsor Reynolds to Joseph Warren Reynolds.

Ohio University Foundation to Pamela Herrick adn Sean Gonnella.


Edward C. Smith Est to Edward C. Smith MD Trust and Anne L. Smith Tr.

Deborah J. Richards and Pamela R. Heal to Scott D. Sukeforth.