On Wednesday, Nov. 2, The Midcoast Chapter of Maine Women’s Network will host their third meeting of the 2016-2017 year with “Building Resiliency for Life and Work,” presented by Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D.

Are you a woman leader or entrepreneur who would like to have less stress, more mental clarity and more confidence in the decisions you make? In this talk, Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D. will present the New Resiliency Paradigm, which is based on a discovery of some principles behind our mental life. This discovery was made in the 1970s and is currently having huge impact in both for and non-profit organizations, in education, and with individuals and couples. The Resiliency Paradigm makes clear that when you align your perception with how the mind actually works, you benefit from laws of nature that result in less stress and busy mindedness, more mental clarity, recovering more quickly from work-life challenges and developing unconditional confidence in your decisions. Annika will present this paradigm and provide the group with some handouts and exercises that will allow participants to begin to experience some of its benefits.

The meeting will take place at The Eclipse Restaurant in Rockland starting at 5 p.m. and wrapping up at 7:30 p.m. The cost of the meeting, which includes full buffet and dessert, is $25 for members and $30 for guests of members and/or non-members. Guests and non-members are always welcome. Members and non-members are asked to register online by Friday, Oct. 28 by 5 p.m. at mainewomensnetwork.com.

Hurwitt was originally a psychotherapist, but has worked exclusively with the 3P Resiliency Paradigm since 1993. She coaches individuals, couples, organizations, women leaders and entrepreneurs. Annika leads workshops and trainings in America and Europe, and is a frequent speaker at Three Principles Conferences. Formerly from Rockland, she now lives in Temple, N.H. with her daughter, Rhianna