The city is requiring anyone renting to guests for less than a month at a time to register as a short-term rental with the Code Enforcement Office, according to a press release issued Oct. 19.

On April 11, 2016, the Rockland City Council adopted regulations for short-term rentals.

City Council included transitional provisions so that reservations for the 2016 season could be honored and would not be affected by this new ordinance. As of Oct. 30, 2016, all short-term rentals must receive a permit to continue operating, although because of delays on the city's part, extensions may be granted.

Short-term rental permits will be issued by the Rockland Code Office. Depending on a number of factors, permits will either be issued after review by the Code Office or after undergoing Planning Board Review. The Code Office will provide assistance to any property owner through the Planning Board Review process.

The city is completing a database of short-term rentals currently operating in Rockland.

"We will endeavor to send letters to all the property owners operating short-term rentals, which we are aware of, by the end of October," Code Officer John Root said in a press release. "We are asking that these property owners either make an appointment with the Code Office or call if they are out of state, so that we can discuss these new regulations and determine how they should proceed. If you do not receive a letter and you are renting to guests for less than a month, you must contact the Code Office in order to continue."

Those who have questions about short-term rental or the process should call the Code Office at 594-0308 or email questions to