When Dr. Kerry Lavigne came to the Midcoast to open a dermatology practice, she found a hand-painted mural on the dining room wall of the home she purchased in Camden. It was painted for the house’s previous owner by traditional decorative artist Hope Angier of Hope.

As Hope R. Angier Interior Decorative Painting, the artist and her husband create murals, trompe l’oeil and faux graining, chinoiseries, theorems, paintings of old ships and portable stair-riser murals. Lavigne contacted Angier to commission a mural for the waiting room of her office at Pen Bay Medical Center.

“Considering the mural would be a personal investment in art on her part, I suggested that I paint the mural off-site, on canvas, and affix it to the curved wall so that it could be removed in the future,” said Angier.

The death of her mother this summer spurred Lavigne to move forward with commissioning the mural in her memory. The late Jennifer Quinn-White strongly supported individual artists, said Angier.

The custom-designed wall mural, hand-painted on canvas, was installed recently in the physician’s office. Because of its design, it can be removed as needed, should Lavigne relocate in the future.

“The mural was commissioned in tribute to the love and memory of her mother, a personally-meaningful investment in art that she can always take with her,” said Angier, who may be contacted at 691-0770 or hopera@tidewater.net.