The following cases were closed from Oct. 3 to Oct. 6 in Knox County Unified Court:

Billy W. Curtis, 27, Zephyr, Texas, operating while license suspended or revoked (OUI).

Cody A. Gnosini-Rubenstein, 25, Rockland, failing to stop for officer, $250 fine; operating while license suspended or revoked, prior, $500 fine.

Donald Prior, 43, Bremen, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, physical force, seven days in jail.

Knox County District Court

David Robidoux, 49, Lebanon, operating motor vehicle after suspension, $500 fine; leaving the scene of an accident, $250 fine.

Mark H. Roberts, 70, Oxnard, Calif., rule violation, operation with false duty record, $750 fine.

Claude Blue, 58, Queens Village, N.Y., rule violation unsafe/defective vehicle, $500 fine; rule violation Z not listed, prior, $100 fine; rule violation, operating after disqualified, $500 fine; rule violation, operation without duty record, $500 fine.