Meghan Vigeant of Stories To Tell in Rockport will join hundreds of Personal Historians at Kick It Up, the annual Association of Personal Historians Conference, Oct. 23 through 27 to celebrate professional development for the world’s personal historians. October is Family History Month, appropriate for digging into the world of personal and family stories.

Vigeant thought the work she was doing on the side in 2012 was a completely new thing she had invented — helping individuals and families to save their personal stories as books and audio. Then she met a woman who described herself as a personal historian, learned there was an Association of Personal Historians and that people all over the world do this kind of thing as a business. Vigeant joined immediately and has been creating books and audio memoirs for individuals, families, and organizations full-time for more three years now.

Personal historians from Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand and all over the United States will meet to celebrate the importance of the history and stories of individuals around the world.

“Other than meetings and interviews with clients, I spend a good deal of my work time alone, so it will be nice to join my ‘tribe’ of story-lovers, history nerds and non-fiction bibliophiles for a week in Texas,” Vigeant said.

She is particularly looking forward to this year’s headliner, “Oral Fixation,” a live storytelling series in Dallas with a mission to bring the community together through sharing true personal stories. It is an idea Vigeant would love to replicate in the Midcoast.

Vigeant’s Stories To Tell offers memoir and family history writing, audio and self-publishing services; for more information, visit The Association of Personal Historians promotes personal history around the world in the belief that the story of every person, family, community and organization is valuable and should be recorded and shared. To learn more, visit

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