Unless you were an only child, chances are you know how powerful sibling relationships can be. Whether we grow up loving them or loathing them, the bond we share with our brothers and sisters often runs deep.

The same is true in the four-legged world. Katelyn and Jenner are litter mates that enjoy each other so much, they don't want anything to do with people. For weeks we worked with them and were eventually able to touch them gently, but as soon as we moved them into one of our communal cat rooms, they found the darkest corner in the room and hid. When you enter the room, they make themselves as small as possible, hoping you won't see them. And if you do, they'll greet you with a loud hiss. Now, we're usually not fazed by a little hissing. But these are not your average domestic house cats. We believe they're Bengal cats, and when they stand on their hind legs, you see how big and long-legged they are. What Katelyn and Jenner would like is a place where they don't have to deal with people, where they can do their own thing (namely hunting mice), and relax in each other's company. In short, they're barn cats. In exchange for shelter, food, and water, these ladies will gladly keep your barn or garage rodent free. And after all, who doesn't want to have a couple of beautiful Bengal barn cats?

Dusty and Angel are another sister act. These Australian cattle dog mixes have been together their whole lives, and ideally they'd like to find a "forever home" where they can stay together. But if the thought of having two sizable dogs like these in your home seems a bit overwhelming, we hope you'll consider adopting one or the other; we think they'll do fine. Dusty and Angel are love bugs whose bodies wiggle with excitement when you greet them. They love everyone they meet, but because they have the typical cattle dog's herding driven they should go to homes without small animals. Small children are okay, although with 65 pounds of pure love apiece, they could easily knock a little one over.

If you're considering adopting dog or cat, or sibling pair of same, please come visit us during our open hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm and Sundays from 11 to 3. We're at 123 John Street in Camden. Give us a call at 236-8702, or visit our website, pawsadoption.org, for more information.

High on our wish list this week: canned cat food! We are feeding close to 80 cats per day and can't keep up! Any brand, any size — whatever you can offer would be so appreciated by us and the animals! Thank you so much for your continuing support.