Washington Lakes Watershed Association is offering a reward for locating the maroon pickup truck that sank through the ice on Washington Pond last winter.

Extensive searches have been conducted by a local dive service, and in an unusual effort, the Maine Warden Service. The warden service became involved only because of the large number of concerns registered by residents of the Washington Pond community. Searches were done based on the location where the truck is believed to have gone through the ice, but no trace of the vehicle has been found.

Numerous theories and rumors continue to circulate and Washington Lakes Watershed Association wants to solve the puzzle, if possible. What is needed and hoped for is the current whereabouts of the truck. The dive service is offering a $300 reward for the location, so it can recover the truck. The lakes association will pay a reward of $500 for proof of the exact current location of the pickup truck, wherever it may be, no questions asked.

The lakes association does reserve the right to determine the identity of the vehicle and the validity of any claims. In the hope of bringing closure to this matter before ice-in begins, the reward offer will be good until Nov. 3. To contact the lakes association, email wlwassn@gmail.com and leave a phone number.