As the final speaker in the Discover History Month series at the Camden Public Library, Kerry Hardy will give an illustrated talk on “Old Roads Revisited” on Thursday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m.

Hardy explores, on foot and by books, maps, and online resources both vintage and modern, the old native trails which became the settlers’ roads, which of course became our highways. Hardy will take a look at the earliest roads between Belfast and Thomaston, as well as a brief introduction to the various tools available to help sort them out — town histories, old military and topo maps, LIDAR, field work, and more.

Hardy is the author of “Notes on a Lost Flute: A Field Guide to the Wabanaki.” Hardy’s favorite topic is the old Indian highways and roads of the early days in Midcoast Maine. He brings together his expertise in forestry, horticulture, and environmental science to tell us about New England from the days when its primary inhabitants were the native Wabanaki tribes through the early days when fields and stone walls covered the region. In addition to his work on Indians of this region, Hardy is part of a local group which has been studying early paths and roads of this area, and their relation to settlement and subsequent land use patterns. Come hear his discussion of those roads and how they relate to the present day. Hardy’s book and lectures are presented in an entertaining and accessible style, making them of interest and useful to adults and students alike.