Vermiculturist Jock Robie returns to lead a worm bin harvesting workshop at Merryspring Nature Center Thursday, Oct. 20, at 6 p.m.

Vermiculture is the process of using earthworms to odorlessly and naturally digest kitchen waste into useful soil amendments for flower and vegetable gardens. The Worm Bin Harvest Party will allow current vermicomposters to meet and harvest the season’s castings, as well as provide beginners with a crash course on how to get started.

Robie will speak about the basics of vermiculture, including sourcing materials, worm care, bin maintenance, aeration, insect control, making “worm tea” ,and how to use and store castings.

Robie founded Mainely Worm Bins in 2011 after keeping worms for four years. He provides his vermiculture classes as a public service and has presented all over the east coast between Virginia and Maine.

This is a free program for all. Those who wish to obtain new worm bins after the presentation will be able to make arrangements with the instructor to pick up materials at a future date. To sign up, please contact Merryspring at 236-2239 or