On Wednesday, Oct. 19, eighth-graders from Camden-Rockport Middle School will be participating in a photography project about their community.

This is to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a similar project done by local students entitled: Our View: A Day in Camden and Rockport, Maine as photographed by the seventh-grade class of the Mary E. Taylor Middle School.

On this day, the students will be taking pictures of the people and places of Camden and Rockport, which will be published student-created eBook, which will be available for free download on the Apple iBooks Store.

They will be looking to not only take pictures of the physical landscape of Camden and Rockport, but also include community members as they go about their day. As a result, they may stop into businesses and other community buildings and ask to take photographs of employees, customers, and other townspeople.

The eighth-grade teachers are excited to be able to provide this experience for their students. It is a powerful way for them to explore and reflect upon their community as well as learn about using photography and other digital media as a form of positive self-expression.

If people would like more information on the project, please contact Ian McKenzie, technology teacher at CRMS, via email: ian.McKenzie@fivetowns.net.