Here is the chance to learn some new, easy and delicious dishes from a couple known for the fun they have together watching football games.

Cooking for Football! (Let’s Talk Tailgating!) will be a featured class at Five Town CSD Adult and Community Education on Tuesday, Oct. 11, from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Kim Graffam and Leni Gronros are a well-known local husband and wife team who have found a way to make being a football fan work with a non-football fan partner. Graffam is a season ticket holder for the New England Patriots and Gronros likes to cook for the games. Between the two of them they have a great time. They will give participants ideas from munchies to down-right filling foods quite appropriate for eating during a game.

This class will be held at Camden Hills Regional High School, 25 Keelson Dr., Rockport. For more information or to sign up contact adult ed at or 236-7800, ext 5. Go team!