Embark is a substance-use program that offers access to any level of care, depending on personal needs, using a combination of counseling and medication-assisted therapy to provide successful addiction treatment, even for those who may have tried before without success.

Anyone can access three levels of care: acute treatment at the Pen Bay PARC Unit, Intensive Outpatient at Mid Coast Hospital’s Addiction Resource Center, and Substance Use Counseling at the Maine Behavioral Healthcare Rockland Office.

“Our main concern is that we help those who need it when they need it,” said Maine Behavioral Healthcare Program Manager Michael Morse. “No matter what your current situation is, our ‘no wrong door’ treatment plan is here for people who need help the most.”

The Embark program uses medication treatment, including bupenorphine (known by the trade name Suboxone), along with counseling to treat addiction. Research shows that people receiving medication-assisted therapy have a 67 percent success rate after two years, compared to only 3 percent success for those treated without medication.

Embark follows best practices for treatment, including individual and group therapy, a social needs assessment for coordination of services like transportation, health education, engagement with peer support services, and support to the next appropriate level of care.

Tom Kivler, senior director of behavioral health at Mid Coast Hospital, said, “With the growing need for addiction services in the Midcoast region, it is essential that we improve access to high quality care. Working together, we can ensure that individuals receive the appropriate level of care and can easily and safely transition as treatment needs change.”

For more information, call the Maine Behavioral Healthcare office in Rockland at (844) 292-0111; Pen Bay Medical Center's PARC Unit at 921-8390; or Mid Coast Hospital's Addiction Resource Center at 373-6950.