Evan Frace, owner of Greener Grounds Landscaping, recently was accredited by the Northeast Organic Farmers Association as an organic land care professional. The 40-hour accreditation is focused around a set of standards for design and maintenance of ecological landscapes using organic practices.

Frace is using his education to expand his services to include organic lawn care plans using organic fertilizer, biological amendments, aeration and over-seeding. These customized plans are available to those who want to improve the look of their lawn without harmful chemicals. “We now know that synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are detrimental to our health and our environment,” Frace said. “What we are offering is a plan for your home or business to become an asset to the environment, and a safe place for your customers, family members and pets. Being part of a coastal community, we have the added responsibility to understand the effects of what we are putting on our lawn and gardens.”

Frace launched Greener Grounds landscaping, servicing the Midcoast, last, spring. In addition to the new services it is offering on-site zero-emissions maintenance using commercial-grade electric mowers, trimmers and hand equipment. “Going green doesn’t always mean that it is going to cost more. We are very price-competitive, with the added bonus of not introducing harmful chemicals into the local environment. We are also reducing noise pollution by 50 percent, compared to traditional mowers, trimmers and blowers,” Frace said.

Greener Grounds Landscaping services the entire Midcoast. For more information, visit greenergroundsme.com.