Physical therapist Trevor Mills of Snow, Sport and Spine has recently earned recertification as a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedics.

This board recertification is granted by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties of the American Physical Therapy Association. To obtain board re-certification, Mills successfully demonstrated professional standing and direct patient care hours, a commitment to lifelong learning through professional development, practice performance through examples of patient care and clinical reasoning, and cognitive expertise through a rigorous test of knowledge in the profession.

Similar to physician specialization, there are eight specialty areas in which physical therapists can be board certified. Approximately 9 percent of the physical therapists in the United States are Board Certified in a specialty and only 5 percent of therapists are Orthopedic Certified Specialists. Those with this advanced certification are considered to have a great depth of knowledge and skill in this specialty area of physical therapy.

Mills is co-owner of Snow Sport and Spine and enjoys working with patients to get them back on track so they can return to the endeavors they love. He has a lifelong passion for learning and understanding human movement and physiology and pain management. He is an avid four-season cyclist and mountain biker and a general outdoor enthusiast.

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