Maine Coast Men welcomes all area men to its 53rd bi-annual gathering, from Friday to Sunday, Oct. 14 to 16, at Tanglewood 4-H Camp in Lincolnville.

The group’s Friday night to Sunday afternoon program is coordinated, led and supported entirely by participants.

The theme for the weekend is “Had Enough Drama yet?” Take time out from the drama and stress of life’s issues. This retreat will feature a virtual challenge course — a series of challenges to be confronted in small groups, some physical, some creative, all revealing the issues, obstacles and fears that keep men from growing.

The weekends start with a Friday night potluck dinner, followed by a circle of men of all ages, at which each has the chance to stand and speak about what he hopes to do or accomplish for the weekend.

The food is planned by past participant volunteers coordinating a small cooking crew for each meal. Everyone contributes by cooking, washing dishes, moving firewood and tending wood stoves.

Saturday night features a variety show, where men who want to can show off what they know, or maybe have fun with what they don’t.

For those who have not attended before, a “buddy” will be there for them on Friday night to check on their needs when arriving and show them around the place.

Cost is low, and support can be arranged for those who have special needs. Advance registration is required in order to plan for meeting spaces and purchase adequate food. For more information and to download registration forms, go to; to talk with the registrar, call John at 785-2032.