The Camden Opera House’s third floor “gentleman’s club” will resound with the sounds of Dave Morrison’s “Poetry Rocks” Friday, Sept. 30, at 7 p.m. All are welcome, admission is free, and a book signing will follow.

Before settling in coastal Maine and publishing 11 books of poetry, Morrison spent years playing guitar in rock ‘n’ roll bars in Boston and New York City. “Poetry Rocks” merges Morrison’s life on the stage with his life on the page as his poems cross the thin rope bridge of simple guitar grooves.

“Poetry Rocks” is not songs and not exactly poems. Morrison delivers his poems over simple looping guitar grooves — created from scratch for the audience in real time — that serve as distinct musical frames for each poem. “Poetry Rocks” is available in audio form from Mishara Music,

Copies of Morrison’s new collection, “The Whole Meghilla,” will be available for purchase and signing. “The Whole Meghilla” is a collection of his most-read poems from “Sweet” (2006) to “Cancer Poems” (2015).

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