The owner of a seafood processing plant in St. George has agreed to have a lien placed on his property to resolve allegations his company failed to submit discharge monitoring reports to the state.

Sea Hag Seafood Inc., Sea Hag Holdings LLC. and Kyle B. Murdock voluntarily issued a lien in the amount of $25,000 against the St. George processing plant, according to a Department of Environmental Protection enforcement report. The company was issued a combined Maine Pollution Discharge Emission System/Waste Discharge license Oct. 3, 2012. A condition of the license required Sea Hag Seafood to submit an electronic discharge monitoring report form to DEP that includes total suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, oil and grease, total residual chlorine and daily and monthly average number of gallons discharged, according to the enforcement report.

The company was required to submit multiple reports between August 2012 and August 2015. However, DEP states those reports were invalid, incomplete, late or not submitted. By failing to comply with the terms of the license, Sea Hag Seafood, Sea Hag Holdings and Murdock violated the license and pollution control law.

In order to resolve the violations, Sea Hag Seafood, Sea Hag Holdings and Murdock, in addition to issuing the lien, agreed to pay the state $18,485, all of which is suspended if the terms of the consent agreement are successfully completed. The companies and Murdock will also have to immediately comply with license requirements and complete any outstanding reports, install improved flow metering as detailed in a plan and schedule to be submitted and approved by DEP and stop any further discharges unless the department is notified 72 hours in advance and a Grade II operator or higher independent, third party, contract operator is hired to complete all monitoring and reporting, the enforcement report states. That requirement does not apply to isolated non-contact cooling water discharges lasting fewer than 24 hours in any one-week period.

In May, this paper reported that Sea Hag Seafood was to be auctioned in mid-June. At that time, Murdock said in a press release, "With increasingly challenging market conditions, it became clear to us last fall that we needed to make changes to our business model and negotiate a new agreement with the property owner and our other creditors. After many months of hard work, including offering the property for sale, seeking new investment, partners and business relationships, the April 30 deadline for us to have a final plan has passed without an agreement in place and the owner of the property have decided to sell it through auction."