Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St., will screen the 2015 documentary "What Tomorrow Brings" (Principle Pictures, Beth Murphy, director/producer), Thursday, Sept. 22, at 6 p.m. more than a month before its Oct. 31 PBS premiere. This event is a collaboration with POV, PBS' award-winning nonfiction film series.

With unprecedented access, "What Tomorrow Brings," a selection of this year's Camden International Film Festival, goes inside the very first girls’ school in one small Afghan village. Never before have fathers here allowed their daughters to be educated, and they aren’t sure they even want to now. From the school’s beginnings in 2009 to its first graduation in 2015, the film traces the interconnected stories of students, teachers, village elders, parents and school founder Razia Jan.

While the girls learn to read and write, their education goes far beyond the classroom to become lessons about tradition and time. They discover their school is the one place they can turn to understand the differences between the lives they were born into and the lives they dream of leading. And although remarkable changes happen when a community skeptical about girls’ education learns to embrace it, the threats that girls face – from forced marriage to Taliban attack – loom large. Filmmaker Beth Murphy embeds herself in this school and community for a most intimate look at what it really means to be a girl growing up in Afghanistan today.

This year's Thursday Film Series is hosted by the Friends of the Rockland Library. In addition to watching the films, viewers will be able to enter a drawing for books related to the movie's topic or theme donated by the Friends' Book Stop. Screenings are free and open to the public. For more information, call 594-0310.