“The Artist’s Muse: Favorite Places to Paint” is a new exhibition at Camden Falls Gallery, 5 Public Landing, that features a collection of plein air and studio paintings by artists Scott Moore, George Van Hook, Peter Yesis, Jonathan McPhillips and Brad Betts. From quaint villages and quiet harbors to verdant pastures and majestic mountains, the show reflects many of these artists’ favorite painting spots throughout Maine and beyond. The exhibition will open Saturday, Sept. 17, to remain on view through Columbus Day.

As artists attempt to convey the essence of a place on canvas, they often develop intimate connections with favorite locations that spark their imaginations and fuel their passion for painting. Through focused observation and ongoing interactions with the natural world, plein air painting offers artists a chance to engage in “conversations” with a particular place that may last for hours, days, weeks or even years.

Frequently, a plein air painter must wrestle with a particular landscape throughout its seasonal phases to keep this visual and spiritual dialogue alive. For each featured artist, the timeless textures of rock, water, foliage and sky, constantly transformed by light and atmosphere, inspire recurring visits to both familiar and less widely-known locations throughout the region.

The gallery is open daily from 10 a.m.to 6 p.m. For more information, visit camdenfallsgallery.com or call 470-7027.