Conventional wisdom says that if you want a larger pet, you get a dog; if you want a smaller pet, you look for a cat. But we're here to tell you that there are dogs that are smaller than cats, and vice versa. And we've got the dog, and the cat, to prove it.

Enter Milo, the current king of our kitty kingdom. Weighing in at 17 pounds and then some, he'd out-bulk many a terrier. But, as the saying goes, he's not fat — just fluffy. And Milo's big on everyone he meets. At P.A.W.S., he accepts the other felines in his midst with grace and equanimity (although, to be honest, few cats would be brave enough to mess with Mr. Muscle). Milo came to P.A.W.S. so horribly matted that we had to shave his back. So at the moment, he does look a bit funny. But we promise the fur will grow back.

As for dogs smaller than cats, we offer as proof diminutive Stella. The chihuahua/pug mix tips the scales at only 10 pounds — but don't try to tell her that. In her head, she is the biggest, bravest, baddest dog in town. Tiny, excitable Stella will take on any dog, regardless of size; and she might even nip at a human hand if she gets too wound up. Hence, for Stella, we hope to find a calm, quiet home with no other dogs and, ideally, no children. She does warm up quickly to strangers and, once she's done so, will sit on your lap and give you kisses. She truly is a small dog with a big personality.

While we're on the subject of size, please remember that there are many ways — both big and small — to help your local animal shelter. if you can't adopt, maybe you can tell others who may be looking for a pet about a dog or cat you've seen at the shelter. If you're more of a doer, we can always use more volunteers. And if you'd simply like to help keep our shelves stocked with the food and supplies that are critical to running a first-class shelter, please know that donations are always welcome. Check our website,, for our current wish list. (Hint: what we need most now is dry kitten food, canned cat food, bleach, and paper towels.)

Other questions? Please call us at 236-8702, or even better, visit us at 123 John St. in Camden.