The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 29-Sept. 2 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Town of Appleton to Melinda D. Thomas.

Catherine S. Blackwell to Earl R. Norwood and Earl R. Norwood III.


Telos Capital LLC to Robert E. Gustafson and Diane H. Gustafson.

Benjamin A. Rancourt to Kristen L. Eckmann.

Martha Brauan to Oscar Verest.

Margaret Pickering and Jame Field to Margaret F. Pickering Tr., Margaret F. Pickering Trust and James L. Field Tr. and James F. Filed Trust.

Federal National Mortgage Association, CIT Bank NA Atty. and Ralph Dunton to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Marguerite T. Carroll to Carol H. Rose and William B. Finch.


Nancy Ann Jones to Alicia Q. Mooradian and Milton R. Calder.


Eleanor H. LaCombe to Kathryn Folsom.

North Haven

Mark B. Sparhawk Jr. to Irene Sparhawk.

Teresa A. Epperson to Swift Tarbell III and Stella L. Tarbell.

Owls Head

Eleanor M. Richardson to Thomas E. Ross and Janette M. Ross.


James A. Munroe Jr. to David M. Lawson and Kristin A. Lawson.

Richard J. Moeller and Patricia A. Moeller to Richard J. Moeller Tr., Patricia A. Moeller Tr. and Moeller Family Living Trust.

Maura L. Matteo and Mark E. Fiederowicz to Joseph LaBruzza.

Joseph LaBruzza to Maura L. Matteo and Mark E. Fiederowicz.

Mid Coast Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Harmony Fuller.

L B Real Estate Maine LLC to Merrill Drive LLC.

Barbara Ann Gushee, Roberta Gushee Tr., Kimberly Simmons Tr. and Robert C. Gushee Trust to Roberta Gushee.

Barbara Ann Gushee Tr., Roberta Gushee Tr., Kimberly SimmonsTr. and Robert C. Gushee Trust to Kimberly Simmons.

Corley Fletcher Family Revocable Trust, M. Edward corley Tr. and Lori Ann fletcher Tr. to William R. Heiden and Victoria Ann Marsh.

Igor V. Myachin to Igor V. Myachin and Deborah A. Greene.


John G. Turner and Leslie C. Turner to John F. Turner Tr., Noelle P. Turner Tr., John F. Turner Revocable Trust and Noelle P. Turner Revocable Trust.

Warren Dana Southworth Jr. and Suzanne K. Southworth to Patricia A. Forti.

Gerald Sabatino to Gerald Sabatino Living Trust and Marika Kuzma Green Tr.

Homer Frank Trautmann Est. to Andrew D. Messa and Denise G. L. Messa.

Gertrude Deg Harper to Bank Of America NA.

St. George

Gilbert N. Riley and Elizabeth G. Riley to Gilbert N. Riley Tr., Gilbert N. Riley Jr. Tr., Lynn R. Stokes Tr., Riley Family Trust and Elizabeth G. Riley Tr.

Regina C. Priestley, Regina C. Harnois, Brenda Brantley and Harland R. Priestley III to Luke R. Priestley.


OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC Atty., Wells Fargo Bank National Associaton Tr., Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, Carol M. Staples and Carol M. Demmons to Wells Fargo Bank National Association Tr. and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust.


Ethan Evangelos and Jennifer Evangelos to Joel H. Tourtelotte.

Shane C. Strause and Amy J. Strause to Travis A. Hamar De La Brethoniere and Brooke A. Hamar De La Brethoniere.

Virginia E. Noble to Jacob H. Boyington.

Pine Tree Real Estate LLC to SRB Homes LLC.


Karena E. Watt to Carl B. Gross and Karena E. Watt.


Pine Tree Real Estate LLC to Jeff Dinse.

Joan F. Wentworth to Daniel D. Wentworth.

Wayne A. Ellsworth to Benjamin M. Levesque and Catrina M. Sayce.

Jerry L. Sidelinger Jr. to Daniel Peter Venegas and Jenny Michele Venegas.


Brian Daggett and Kathryn Daggett to Robert L. Hannan Jr. and Delores Michaelle Hannan.

Marc A. Archambault and Cynthia J. Archambault to Raymond Ante Williamson and Krysia A. Williamson.

Richard E. Hibbert, Jill N. Hibbert, Daniel d. Hibbert and Catherine S. Hibbert to Daniel D. Hibbert and Catherine S. Hibbert.

Richard E. Hibbert, Jill N. Hibbert, Daniel D. Hibbert and Catherine S. Hibbert to Richard E. Hibbert and Jill N. Hibbert.

Barbara A. Carney to Claudia Petra Eekels.