In partnership with Renew Rockland’s new waste club, the Rockland Public Services department will host a workshop titled “How to: Backyard Composting” at City Hall Sept. 14 at 6 p.m.

The city has invited Mark “the Compost” King to teach the workshop. King is a specialist at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management Sustainability Division.

Rockland currently ships 5,000 tons of municipal waste out of town to be incinerated. According to a University of Maine study, roughly 40 percent of that waste is organic and has the potential to be diverted from the waste stream if composted. Composting is both a sustainable way to deal with organic waste and a way for the city to save significantly on the cost of waste disposal.

The free event will include instruction, demos and handouts to take home.

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