The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 22-26 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


United States of America HUD to Richard Rosa.


Meghan R. L. Holcombe and Meghan R. L. McLaughlin to Vangel Living Trust and Joanne C. Vangel Tr.

Samuel S. Johnson and Karen A. Vellekamp to Deborah C. Yule


Mary Baldwin Collins to John Putch Tr., Julie Philips Tr. and Philips Putch Trust.

Harold D. Abbott Jr. to Harold D. Abbott Jr. and Jean E. Abbott.


Lorraine Duda to James L. Richards.

Ellen Ahlemeyer and Ramona Genthner to Tiffany A. Hirst.

Herbert Micue and Bonnie Davis Micue to Jessie K. Johnson and Frank L. Johnson IV.


Edward S. Green and Katherine C. Green to Shannon M. Green, Brittany M. Spear, Brittany M. Curit, Cara E. Moore and Megan A. MacMillan.

John C. Boeckeler Tr. and John C. Boeckeler Trust of 1998 to Leslie Green and Janet A. Green.

Robert S. Schroff to Mark Merrifield and Michelle Merrifield.

Owls Head

Leonard E. Tarr to Benjamin L. Watson and Clarice A. Watson.

Clarise A. Watson and Benjamin L. Watson to Roland E. Noel Tr. and Roland E. Noel Revocable Trust.


Susan J. Baker to Hiram Cottage Properties LLC.

Annette H. Brooks Est to Donald Payson III.

Travis S. Nelson to Daniel W. Dalrymple.


Brian Charles Francis Dalton Est. to Kirsten D. Haynes and Tara Owerkowicz.

Roger Tousignant and Mary Tousignant to Lucie E. LeMaitre.

Richard A. Nightingale to Craig E. Nelson and Angela G. Nelson.

Blexrud and Associates LLC and Robert G. Plato to Michael E. Wagner and Beth D. Wagner.

William J. Koopman and Lilliane K. Koopman to George a. Desimone and Kathleen A. Desimone.

Judith M. Doherty to Mark doherty Tr. and Judith M. Doherty Irrevocable Trust.

South Thomaston

Elbert W. Burton Jr. Est. to Dana W. Burton Tr. and Violet E. Burton Trust.

Ronald Scott Lindahl to William R. Lindahl.

Ronald Scott Lindahl to John N. Lindahl.

St. George

Christopher Jaques Schreiber Tr., Christopher Jaques Schreiber Living Trust, Deborah Kim Schreiber Tr. and Deborah Kim Schreiber Living Trust to Schreiber Family LLC.

Schreiber Family LLC to Christopher Schreiber and Deborah Schreiber.

Charles F. Williams Jr. and Doris Ruth Williams to Judith R. Ellery.


Arthur Ralph Baio Tr. to Arthur Ralph Baio Tr. and Dora Baio Protection Trust.

Doris L. Hatch to Kay E. Allan and Holly L. Ames Allan.


William Zalubski Est. to Lisa Rogers.

Damien Kent to Laura E. Flanders.


Thomas B. A. Godfrey Est. to H. M. Payson and Co. Tr., Thomas B. A. Godfrey Revocable Trust and Marian A. Godfrey Tr.

Marian A. Godfrey Tr., H. M. Payson and Co. Tr. and Thomas B. A. Godfrey Revocable Trust to Thomas B. A. Godfrey Jr., Susan S. Godfrey, Marian A. Godfrey, Daniel S. Godfrey and Alexandra Godfrey.

Ohio University Foundation to Thomas Hill Walker and Katherine Dearborn Walker.

Horace A. Hildreth Jr. to Lasansky Maine Trust.

William A. Lasansky Tr., Tomas Lasansky Tr., U S Bank NA Tr. and Lasansky Maine Trust to Smith Point LLC.


Selene Finance LP and Larry D. York to Selene Finance LP.

John E. Ward to Adam Taylor.

Shannon K. Wilson Est. to Jonathan Wilson.

Arthur Ralph Baio Tr. and Dora Baio Irrevocable Trust to Arthur Ralph Baio Tr. and Dora Baio Protection Trust.

Joan E. Connon Est. to Dawn M. Smith and Michael S. Merrifield.


William E. Nuesse to Martha June Haining.

Virginia Fanelli and G. Jeffrey Fanelli to James J. Stokowski and William J. Nolan.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Judson T. Stanley and Angela A. Stanley to Adam Bourgault.