A new exhibition, “Amid Chaos, Sanity,” will open Saturday, Sept. 3, at Hurricane Gallery, 175 Quarry Road. An opening reception will be held opening day from 5 to 7 p.m.

The show’s title also is the title of a very recent painting by gallery owner Robert Macdonald that responds directly to our own time and place. All the works in the new show, different as they are from each other, provide honest, even fearless, responses to the world around us … unlike, Macdonald said, much of the art produced in Maine nowadays that “too often, he says, repeats subjects, themes and styles that have already been endlessly explored.”

Pam Cabanas is one of the few artists painting sea and shore with genuine originality. Avoiding brilliant color, which can secure its effects all too easily, she finds universality in black, white and the widest range of grays.

Alan Hynd is another artist working in black and white, but with a completely different approach. A man of deep convictions, he is not afraid to speak out on social and political issues in powerful pen and inks.

Elaine Niemi’s works breathe Maine coastal life with true authenticity, offering scenes of the barnyard and boatyard, hens and roosters,  lobsters being banded and children in snow fights that demand stylistic spontaneity and  rich color.

Macdonald calls John Lorence a master of high modernism in its abstract form. He, too, paints rocks, but without any hint of perspective — flat but fluid, striated and angular, complexity that challenges viewers to appreciate formal beauty.

Carl Wiley is known for her figures that show a thorough understanding of anatomy, while refusing to render it literally. In the work of Roz Welsh, the surface undulates, sometimes colorfully, sometimes in somber tones. And from Burma, (also called Myanmar) come the antipodes, as it were; San Naing and Min Yan Naing are versatile painters of land and sea, Buddhas and beauties.

To get to the gallery from Route One, take Depot Street and go a short distance to Quarry road; turn right and, bearing right, one will soon reach the gallery. Hurricane Gallery is always open, but call first to 701-7477.

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