S and J Llama LLC has recently acquired the former Fieldcrest Manor Nursing Home property in town from Lincoln County Healthcare of Damariscotta. The property is at 126 Depot St. S & J Llama will be redeveloping the 20,000-square-foot commercial property as a multi-use business space. The name of the new facility will be The Bug Tussle Brooder.

Initial plans call for making the existing buildings more energy- efficient, followed by the creation of a mix of small office, studio and light manufacturing space, available to members of the community and the greater Midcoast region. Variable-size spaces will be available for rent, staring in the late spring of 2017, according to a new release from the company. High-speed fiber-optic broadband networking will also be available.

Seth Hall, managing member of S & J Llama, said the company intends to create a facility that will support regional craftspeople, artists needing studio space, and entrepreneurs, as well as new and existing small businesses needing startup or expansion space.

Depending on demand, a community co-work/incubator space is also envisioned, where members may share typical office and development resources, potentially including CAD/CAM design facilities and other state-of-the-art digital fabrication and rapid prototyping capabilities, for those interested in developing and bringing new products and services to market. Eventually, the addition of a small café might round out the other amenities, Hall said.

Also being considered is a medium-scale, 50-100kW community solar project located onsite, with an eye toward providing affordable power not only for the new facility, but to other interested community members and businesses. In addition, some of the adjacent 10 acres of agricultural land bordering directly on the Medomak River will be made available for organic farming and demonstration gardening, in support of the growing locavore movement in the Midcoast and throughout Maine.

S & J Llama LLC is a small, family-owned business primarily engaged in the rehabilitation and rental of properties in the Midcoast. One of its current projects is the restoration and deep energy retrofit of the historic Kennedy House, at 970 Main St.