The Lincolnville Board of Selectmen and Harbor Committee along with Collins Engineers and MRLD Landscape Architecture + Urbanism (the town’s harbor consultants) will conduct a stakeholders meeting Thursday, Sept. 1, at 6 p.m. for harbor users, residents and other interested parties.

The purpose of the meeting is to gather public input regarding the facilities (current and future), finances and operations of Lincolnville Harbor and the surrounding town-owned landside facilities.

A site walk will begin at 6 p.m., starting at the Lincolnville Beach parking lot, and a sit-down meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Lincolnville Improvement Association Building at 33 Beach Road.

The public is encouraged to attend either or both portions of the meeting. For those not able to attend, written comments can be submitted through the Town Office.

The town has engaged the project team of Collins Engineers of Portsmouth, N.H., and MRLD Landscape Architecture + Urbanism of Yarmouth to assist in evaluating the current town-owned harbor facilities and planning for future facilities and maintenance.

The waterfront draws many users and is one of the main focal points in the community. The Lincolnville Harbor facilities are a key asset, but the planning and management of uses, maintenance, and short- and long-term investments require balancing research, planning and input from different stakeholder groups to develop the most informed and responsible recommendations.

The following facilities are included in the Scope of Work; however the Project Team encourages comments from the public on all harbor-related issues: mooring field, fish pier, floats and gangways, wave screen(s), wave break, parking, launching ramp, dingy storage, hoists, guest moorings, and pedestrian access to beach.

To maximize efficiency and utilization by all users, the Project Team is completing the following Scope of Work:

1. Conducting a review of all harbor facilities, operations, finances, policies/procedures, planning documents as well as interview town staff, the Harbor Committee, selectmen and harbor users to gain an understanding of current and future needs;

2. Compiling a list of needed harbor and upland infrastructure components;

3. Developing a plan and conceptual design options for the harbor facilities to maximize efficiency and utilization by all users;

4. Conducting an economic analysis of harbor facilities to determine costs for maintaining them. Additionally, projections of revenue sources will be estimated to understand economic viability of the harbor and whether municipal subsidy will be required for ongoing operations and expansions;

5. Developing a maintenance schedule for the facilities;

6. Presenting findings to the Board of Selectman, the Harbor Committee and the public;

7. Preparing a final report with all findings and recommendations reflecting input from the Board of Selectmen, the Harbor Committee and the public; and

8. Providing preliminary construction cost estimates for approved solutions.

This project is partially funded by a Shore and Harbor Technical Assistance Grant administered as part of the State of Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Maine Coastal Program.