The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 15-19 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Stephen L. Pollack and Heidi L. Pollack to Mark E. Battista and Jennifer J. Andrews.

Mary Evelyn Bevan to Linda M. Ritter and James C. Ritter.

Norman A. Cunningham Est to Paul Sangiuliano and Debra L. Sangiuliano.

Karolyn J. Snyder to Robert H. Nichols and Barbara M. Nichols.

Steven J. Pixley and Ann A. Pixley to Ann A. Pixley.

Steven J. Pixley and Ann A. Pixley to Steven J. Pixley.

Evangeline Glass to Samuel L. Crouch and Celia A. Crouch.


Town of Cushing to Donald E. Saastamoinen.

Town of Cushing to Gary L. Grant.

Chester A. Knowles Est and Chester L. Knowles Jr. Est. to Joan T. Thibault and Holly C. Wilcox.


Michael B. Scarborough Est. to Richard J. Curtis and Makayla P. Harriman.


Leslie Jennings Tranchell, Carl Peter Tranchell to Leslie Jennings Tranchell Tr., Leslie Jennings Tranchell 2015 Trust, Carl Peter Tranchell Tr. and Peter Tranchell 2015 Trust.

North Haven

Robert c. Perkins Tr., MAG House Trust, John A. Perkins Jr. Tr., Susan W. Graseck Tr. and William B. Perkins Tr. to Donald Moffett and Robert Gober.

Robert C. Perkins, William B. Perkins Tr. and South By West Trust to Donald Moffett and Robert Gober.

Owls Head

Mainegetaway LLC to Justin Ford Tr., Tiffany Ford Tr. and Ford Family Trust.


Edith D. Eutsler to Joseph LaBruzza.

Edith D. Eutsler to Mark E. Fiederowicz and Maura L. Matteo.

William A. McLellan Jr. Est. to Edward C. McLellan III.

Leslie M. Mulhearn and Anna Mulhearn to Jenifer N. Peterson and Mark R. Peterson.


George Haselton and Eliza Haselton to 86 Chestnut Street LLC.

Erlinda O. Asuncion and Jacobo R. Asuncion Jr. to James P. Coene and Michelle L. Coene.

George W. Crockett to Lester W. Hodgdon and Sidney B. Hodgdon.

Joseph H. Ross Jr. and Carol A. Ross to Virgil W. Tracy and Julie W. Tracy.

Richard Kelley, Patricia Kelley, Robert Schwartz and Karen Schwartz to Robert Schwartz and Karen Schwartz.

Sara C. Morgan to Limerock Union LLC.

Robert T. Barry to Maria Isabel Gil Santos.

Alkiviadis A. Leppones and Rachael R. Leppones to Frederic W. Corwin Jr. and M. Elizabeth Corwin.

St. George

Sarah Lucombe Chandler and Jennifer K. P. Chandler Ward to Sarah McRae Morton.

Donald Sinclair Campbell Est. to Jean Moore Campbell.

Jean Moore Campbell to William Collin Moller and Karin C. Moller.


Christopher B. Eddy and Janelle M. Eddy to Heather E. Kelley.

Thomas Ross, Janette M. Ross and Jeanette M. Ross to Jan Comstock and Robert I. Comstock Jr.


Steven E. Clough and Denise S. Clough to Abby R. Thrower and Sandra L. Ritchie.

Beatrice C. Rochon to Joseph Rochon Tr. and Beatrice Rochon Trust.


Town of Warren to John L. Hart.

Town of Warren to Justin Burgess.

Town of Warren to Jamie Gieseman.

Town of Warren to Valerie Boggs and Leland Boggs II.

Town of Warren to Pine Tree Real Estate LLC.

Town of Warren to Leland Boggs II and Valerie Boggs.

Town of Warren to Valerie Boggs and Leland Boggs II.

Town of Warren to Tom Harriman and Jill Harriman.

Brenda W. King to Timothy Hynd and Morgan E. F. Hynd.

Bobbi J. Young to Shaun Yeatts and Katie Yeatts.

Robert O. Wyllie to Ryan Philip Verrill and Torry Baines Verrill.

Leslie Jennings Tranchell, Carl Peter Tranchell and Leslie A. Tranchell to Leslie Jennings Tranchell 2015 Trust, Carl Peter Tranchell Tr., Peter Tranchell 2015 Trust and Leslie A. Tranchell Tr.

Albert L. Barlow and Kari P. Barlow to Michael L. Colson and Samantha Ames.

Peter Horch to Horch Properties LLC.

Thomas E. Harriman and Jill A. Harriman to Chelsea M. Griffin.


Frank Richard Jermyn Est. to Jillianne Jermyn.

Jillian Jermyn and Jillianne Jermyn to Philip Devenish and Phoebe Devenish.

Henry B. Welch to Brenda A. Buja.

PHH Mortgage corporation, Judson T. Stanley, Angela A. Stanley and Seterus Inc Atty to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Debra L. Caron and Richard E. Caron to Mary G. Pierce.